Duncraft.com Website Review & Ratings + Duncraft Coupons
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Duncraft.com Website Review & Ratings + Duncraft Coupons

Duncraft; Celebrating 60 Years in Business

     Duncraft began selling birdfeeders in 1952, when Gil Dun designed ans began to sell his first revolutionary bird feeder, the 'Flight Deck'. Completely original in design, this intriguing feeder attatched to a window, bringing the birds into crystal clear view just inches away from the viewer, and allowing close-up observation of bird's habits and beauty.

     The first marketing Gil did was a tiny ad in the New Yorker Magazine. Since that time, Gil Dun, and the Duncraft company, have advanced in ways that ol' Gil never imagined possible. In the early 1960's, Mr. Dun published a mail-order catalog in black and white. With only 16 pages, filled with feeders, houses, bird seed, and gifts for the bird hobbyist, the catalogue nonetheless was able to reach more customers, helping Duncraft obtain popularity, and growing the business. By the 1970's, Mike and Sharon Dun , Gil's children, had become instrumental in the operations and success of the Duncraft company. 

     By continuing their quest to make and sell the best bird feeders and wild bird accessories, and bumping up marketing efforts to include a bi-annual mailing of their new color catalog, featuring the largest selections of bird feeders, seed, gifts, and accessories yet seen in a single collection of this type of offerings. The bulk of the items featured were still made only by Duncraft, but they had also begun to branch out, offering products from a few additional manufacturers, to expand the line and appeal to an even broader customer base.

      By the mid 90's, Duncraft had created a successful presence online with their e-commerce sales site, duncraft.com, which now offers the most extensive selection of birding supplies and gifts online. When you go to their website, you can sign up for their weekly newsletter, with sales info, tips, and ideas...plus you will receive a special mystery gift on your birthday, if you choose to share the date with them! In the first newsletter,you will also receive a link to their "22 Top Birding Tips", which are absolutely great for beginning hobbyists, but also offer new information for experienced birders. Each day they have a new 'sale item of the day', which is always deeply discounted, full quality merchandise.

     While exploring the duncraft.com site, you will find much more than bird feeders these days! Squirrel feeders, (and baffles, guaranteed to keep the squirrels out), numerous different types of bird and squirrel feed, hangers, poles, storage options, and even replacement parts are some of the items they sell.

     One especially intriguing item is their 'Bird Water Cooler', a simply gorgeous 'clear' blue reservoir which holds 3 quarts of water and has 4 drinking stations, which guarantee a constant source of fresh, clean water for your feathered friends. Extremely versatile, it can be mounted on a post, hung, or simply placed on any flat surface. This, in addition to so very many of their product offerings, would make an excellent gift for someone (yourself, maybe?). In particular, this and several other items they carry (hummingbird feeders, 'no-waste' seed for traditional feeders, for example) are excellent choices for apartment or condo dwellers, for instance, who have limited space and little tolerance for 'shell-litter'.

     While you are perusing the site, be sure to sign up for the $250. shopping spree! This and several other contests (photos, stories, etc.) seem to run quite often, and offer the beginner, especially, a chance to begin building a bird feeder collection (once you are bitten by the 'birding bug', one feeder will never again be enough). Free bird feeders? Yes, thank you!

     The duncraft.com blog is a great source of information for all birders. With timely tips, links, contests, photos, customer interaction, and duncraft.com coupons, free shipping specials and promotions, it is definitely a blog you will want to check out if you are interested in birding at all, or if you know someone who is.. A free desktop calendar (monthly wallpaper with a new bird each month) is available on the blog at the click of your mouse. With the blog, their Facebook page, a twitter presence, and live chat on duncraft.com, Duncraft is now able to interact more closely, and in 'real time' with their customers, which is exactly what they want to do. This year they instituted a system whereby the customer can rate the items directy on their site. Duncraft, unlike some companies, publish ALL of their reviews,good AND bad, and relish the chance to fix any problem encountered by a customer. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of their values, and they do seem to deliver! 

     Even if you, yourself, are not a bird hobbyist, you almost certainly know someone who is. Shopping on the duncraft.com site is extremely simple, as you may shop by bird, or by department. If you are not certain what to purchase for your recipient (or yourself!) the live chat feature can help too. With such  a large selection, it can be daunting to choose something on your own. The live chat feature is a bit like having a personal shopper...you can give them some information on the recipients likes/dislikes, and they will suggest likely possibilities for you to consider.

 An assortment of items available at duncraft.com:

Duncraft: What makes it different?

Why choose duncraft.com over it's competitors?

  • In business for 60 years.- Having been in business longer than their competitors, duncraft.com represents dependability and reliability, generating consumer confidence
  • Duncraft.com has, by far,the largest selection of feeders, houses, seed, and just about anything a bird-hobbyist could wish for, in all price ranges
  • Excellent interactive 'bird blog' where both duncaft.com and it's customers cummunicate and post pictures and videos, and where many duncraft coupon codes, contests, and promotions may be found
  • A surprise gift on your birthday!
  • live chat...the only one of the three top online 'birding' competitors that has this feature
  • Paper catalog available for those who like to catalog shop, the others do not offer this
  • 10% off all bird food when you join their free club, including a free bird feeding chart and several coupons
  • offers large collection of 'window strike solutions', a series of window-cling decals designed to prevent death and injury to birds that accidentally fly into glass (1-10 birds die this way PER BUILDING each year)
  • 100% satisfaction gauarantee for one whole year, for ANY reason
Duncraft vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Duncraft)

Two Top Online Birding Competitors, How do They Compare to Duncraft?    

The Backyard Bird Company (backyardbird.com)

     This is the 'youngest' of the three top online bird feeder and bird accessory vendors reviewed here. The Punta Gorda, Florida based Backyard Bird Company was not founded until 1998, but In that relatively short time, they have become known as a top-of-the-line online birdfeeder and accessory sales site.The intention of the Backyard Bird Company was to provide the shopper with a virtual 'in-store' experience, with unsurpassed customer service, and with 5 star ratings given quite consistently by their customers, it seems they are continuing to acheive that goal. 

     I called the company with a few 'customer questions', and was met with thorough, yet simple answers, and a polite, caring tone. In their quick response to my e-mail query, I was given not only the information I sought, but also some links that the customer service rep thought would be of interest, given the question I had asked. They were specifically geared to my question, so it was apparent it was not a 'form' answer. These links, by the way, were not self-serving, or profit driven, but instead revolved around bird and environmental information. I must admit, I was impressed.

     The Backyard Bird Company carries bird feeders, of course,  but also squirrel feeders and baffles, bird seed and squirrel food, butterfly and bat houses, bird houses, books, 'birder-focused' cameras, and even garden accents. Online coupon codes and promotions can be found on their site, and they have a 'rewards program' that rewards the buyer with one point for each dollar spent. Points are converted to store credit as follows; $10 Gift Certificate (150 points), $25 Gift Certificate (300 points), $50 Gift Certificate (500 points), and $100 Gift Certificate (1000 points). This rewards program, as you can see, is essentially an average 10%  discount, and points are awarded even on sale or clearance merchandise. Their Facebook page awards their 'friends' with a $5 coupon, and the customer can get free shipping with any $85 purchase.

     Along with the strong emphasis on customer service, original designs, and rewards, discounts, and promotions, The Backyard Bird Company is also devoted to the environment, recycling, and reducing the 'carbon footprint' of the company. Many of their products are made from recycled materials as well. This company shows respect for it's customers, and the environment, with a forward-looking vision of increasing avian conservation efforts and knowledge for all.  


  • Rewards program that is basically a 10% off everything, all the time discount (points must accumulate to certain levels, listed above, to be redeemed)
  • Excellent customer service, above and beyond the standard expectation
  • Original designs found here that can be found nowhere else


  • A much younger, and smaller, company, they may not inspire the confidence level that Duncraft does, with it's 60 years in business
  • Being a smaller company with a more limited inventory, they may not have the particular products a shopper desires.
  • Offers only a 30 day guarantee, 11 months less than Duncraft!

Wild Bird Habitat Store (wildbirdhabitatstore.com)

     This Wild Bird Habitat Store was unveiled on 10/01/1993. A family business originally based in Lincoln, Nebraska, they remain committed to both providing top-notch products, and to educating the public about birds and  their habitats. Conservation of birds and their habitats are integral to their business model, and this is apparent on their website. In 1994, they expanded their brick and mortar store presence to a second location, and shortly thereafter created an online presence, the wildbirdhabitatstore.com sales site.

     Carrying through with the theme of bird and nature conservation, participation in several bird conservation efforts and organizations, and just plain hard work, Dave Titterington was awarded the Edna M. Shields honor "Sharing Nature With Children" in 2002, the Journal Star, Howard Weiger's "Outstanding Wildlife Conservation Award" in 2005, and in 2011 was the recipient of the Lyman's Award from the National Audubon's Wachiska Chapter (Nebraska). Dave and his wife, Linda, remain committed to our feathered friends, and although Wild Bird Habitat is a much younger, and smaller company than Duncraft, they have won the respect of hobbyists and proffessionals alike, and are doing quite well in their industry.

     Although their product offerings are not as vast as those of duncraft.com, the categories are similar, and many of the same products can be purchased at wildbirdhabitat.com. Pricing is similar and customer service is reputed to be quite good. The biggest difference (besides smaller selection) that is apparent is the focus on avian conservation, and providing information and links to patrons who are interested in participating. A customer who is interested in becoming involved in these endeavors will find resources galore to assist them on the Wild Bird Habitat website.


  • wildbirdhabitatstore.com is smaller, a disadvantage to some...but many shoppers enjoy the fact that the choices are not so infinite that they become confused or disoriented while trying to make a decision...this can actually be an advantage.
  • Best reputation for supporting bird conservation
  • excellent customer service


  • Without a doubt, the most confusing return policy of the three (although after the several caveats and qualifications, they state that all purchases are 100% guaranteed)
  • no repair parts readily available (duncraft.com offers many)
  • smallest selection of products out of the three compared online bird feeding sites

Duncraft: Pricing & packages

Comparison of similar products and pricing from each of these three top online bird hobbyist vendors:


  • Droll Yankees Onyx Clever Clean 18'' Nyjer Seed Feeder w/ Cleaning Brush- $33.95
  • Droll Yankee Dorothy Cardinal Feeder- $59.99 (this feeder was the closest in design and purpose to the cling-a-wing for comparison)
  • Best-1 (brand name) hummingbird feeder, 8oz.- $10.95


  • Droll Yankees 23" Ring Pull Tube Feeder- $39.95
  • Duncraft Cling-a-Wing: $15.95
  • Best-1 (brand name) hummingbird feeder, 8oz.- $15.95


  • Droll Yankee 23" Ring-Pull Seed Tube Bird Feeder- $41.95
  • Duncraft Cling-a-Wing: $15.95
  • Best-1 (brand name) hummingbird feeder, 8oz.- $14.95
Duncraft: Product images & screenshots
Duncraft Coupons
Get Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 @ Duncraft
Get Up to 30% Off on Select Pet Birds Foods @ Duncraft
Get 10% Off Heated Bird Baths and Heaters @ Duncraft
Duncraft: Customer reviews & comments

Customer feedback and reviews


"I have been doing business with Duncraft for many years and I love all the bird feeders and products I have purchased. And I never have to worry about anything I purchase because I know that Duncraft stands behind its guarantee." C.S., Flanders NJ

"The best bird and wildlife store on the net. I have never been disappointed by anything I have ordered and the service is excellent."

"Great Service! I was so surprised when customer service called ME, because they were worried that I had made a mistake on my order. So wonderful that your customer service folds care so much!"


"I just received my order for item BYBC-GHCL, which is a lovely house for small birds such as wrens. I am delighted with it, and greatly impressed with your service. I was amazed that it arrived only two days after I placed the order. Thank you!"--Donna S.

"Thank very much for you quick response. As I'm in sales I understand the value of good customer service. Frankly you have gone above the call of duty. My wife though we wouldn't hear back given it was so far past the purchase point. You have restored our faith in service after the sale."--Sincerely, Michael M.

"Thank you, it isn’t often that such personal attention is devoted to online shoppers."--Cathy W.


"Good afternoon Wild Bird Habitat Store:
Since I started using NutraStaff, I have eliminated the pesky squirrels from my pole mounted "squirrel proof feeder". 
But it gets better. On recommendation from your store I bought a Brome Squirrel Buster Classic. This morning I had the distinct pleasure of watching a squirrel become frustrated and climbing all over this feeder trying to get at the seed. This squirrel must have been on the feeder for five minutes trying every which way to steal some seed. He tried chewing the wire cage, the bottom and the top of this "truly squirrel proof feeder". FINALLY after all these years I have been able to thwart these seed thieving 
fur coated bandits. You can add my testimony to both of these products and 
thank you for your help." 
Les, Lincoln, Nebraska

"Dear Wild Bird Habitat Store:
Thank you very much! I received the parts specified yesterday and the finch feeder is back in action. I must take a moment to compliment the fine service of the Wild Bird Habitat Store. Obviously, I appreciate the warranty backing, but I sense that your customer care philosophy involves more than warranty support. As a life science teacher with Zoology and Biology degrees, my bird interest is more than casual. By the same token, I can see that your store strives to integrate the sale of your products with sound education and community support, which goes above and beyond what might be necessary or expected. That's just the kind of business which I love to patronize! Congratulations on the clarity of your business model and keep up the good work. I look forward to contacting you in the future." Sincerely, 
Robert Kennedy, Oconomowoc, WI 
"Dear  Mr. Titterington,
The  UPS labels arrived yesterday. Thank you very much! I am so grateful to you for your courtesy that  I can't wait for another opportunity to order some more bird equipment from you!"
Sincerely, Louise - Palo Alto California 
     It is difficult to differentiate the three competitors based on pricing, reviews, discounts, promotions, or customer service, as each company seems to reflect a commitment to providing excellence in all categories. The biggest difference then, is the product selection available on each site. Even though the brand names carried by each shop are similar (Duncraft, Droll Yankee, Perky Pet, Best-1, Woodlink,and more),there is no doubt that duncraft.com has the widest and most varied selection of any of the online 'birding' companies reviewed here, with backyardbird.com a distant second, followed by wildbirdhabitatstore.com.
     Visitors to the duncraft.com site are very likely to find a perfect item for themselves, or a gift, as the selection is so complete, it really leaves nothing to be desired. Although I am quite impressed with all three competitors, I must say that duncraft.com is THE one-stop-shop for birders, and for those reasons I give duncraft.com the highest rating. (5 stars) While shopping each of the sites, I saw many items that caught my eye, but kept coming back to duncraft.com for products I could not find on the competitiors sites.
     With Mothers Day rapidly approaching, I daresay many more shoppers will find duncraft.com to be exceptional in all areas, and plenty of fortunate gift recipients will probably agree! 
     Happy shopping to all!

Below are links to pages used as reference during the writing of this review.








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